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Marine Survey & Consultancy

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Welcome to Henderson International Bangladesh Ltd.

Henderson International (Bangladesh) Ltd [HIBL] was established in 1997 by Mr. William Andrew Henderson, Marine Surveyor and Consultant to provide marine survey, inspection, shipbuilding and repair consultancy services to the Maritime Industry with special focus to cater for the survey requirements of the clients in the P&I and H&M sector.

Over the time the services expanded to round the clock P&I correspondent and claims services to both P&I and transport liability insurers and their insureds.



It is with feelings of both pride and humility that I realise that so many of the Henderson International offices set-up (with the collaboration of local expertise) by my late husband, Mr. William Andrew Henderson and that he put so much enthusiasm into, still wish to maintain his name. I am thrilled, as are my family (daughters Joy, Ruth and Lucy and son Struan) and I know that Will Henderson would have been too! I further congratulate the Henderson International Asia-Pacific Group members on remaining united and serving the industry with zeal and professionalism to promote the vision of Will Henderson. I wish them all a superb future.

Ms. Jane Henderson